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CrazyWillBear's Personal Website

About Me

I am a 17 year old high school student living in the Bay Area. I am a U19 rower for NorCal crew, coder, Linux enthusiast, gamer, and skier. I one day hope to be a software engineer.


- C++: I've been programming in C++ for over a year, and have a pretty good grasp on the language.

- Rust (still learning): I've got the basics of Rust down, and plan to continue learning.

- Java: I am familiar with Java, its structure, several premade classes, and its syntax. I can code fluently in Java.

- Low Level Programming: I tend to focus more on low level programming as opposed to web development. Most of my coding expertise/experience is with low level applications and languages (e.g. C++).

- Linux: I've been running Linux for a while now, within the last few months switching to Artix (a systemd-free Arch-based distro). I'm fairly comfortable with the typical GNU coreutils and other UNIX tools, and am otherwise fairly knowledgeable in the field of Linux.



Instagram: @captainbear_will
Email: crazywillbear@gmail.com
Discord: @capbear#1607